Founded in 1988, IGFA is the united voice of the compound feed manufacturers, feed material importers, grain intake and premix  companies in Ireland. Collectively our members produce approximately 4.3 million tonnes of animal feed, provide employment for thousands of people throughout the country and are an essential partner in the Irish rural economy.

Our full members include feed manufacturers, feed importers and grain collectors. Our ancillary members are mostly additive and premix manufacturers. Our members are from both independent and cooperative businesses and many are family run companies that have been at the heart of Irish rural life for generations. All of our members adhere to international, mutually recognised quality assurance programmes that ensure the highest feed safety standards.  

All sectors of our membership are represented on the IGFA Feed Committee. This committee is our decision-making body and drives the political and technical direction of the organisation. It convenes quarterly.


IGFA’s mission is to support our members by creating a political and economic environment that enables them to produce safe and nutritious feed profitably and sustainably.  We do this through

  1. Political representation –  we represent, defend and promote the interests of the Irish compound feed and premix industry with government, the European Institutions, international bodies and other stakeholders. Our lobbying aims to inform and direct policy decisions that will impact on our industry and secure the best deal for our members. We regularly meet with government officials, politicians and work closely with others in the food chain on issues ranging from climate change to mycotoxins. We also represent the industry on various government committees and forums.
  2. Information– we ensure that members are kept up to date on adjustments to the rules and regulations that might affect their businesses, political developments that will impact on the agri food sector and potential market changes on the horizon. This allows members to prepare and adapt.
  3. Technical support – as part of a monthly newsletter we provide our members with relevant technical updates and food and feed safety alerts.
  4. Personal development – we facilitate training and continued learning for members through workshops, conferences and certified training courses and by providing a platform where members can share best practice.


Meet the Team

Maeve Whyte
IGFA Director General

Deirdre Webb
IGFA Regulatory Specialist

Cornelia O’Connell
IGFA Regulatory Specialist

European Partners

IGFA is member of the influential European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC). Founded in 1959 by five national compound feed associations from France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, its membership is now made up of national associations from 22 EU Member States. It also has a number of observer/associated members from non-EU countries.
Based in Brussels, FEFAC is the eyes, ears and voice of the European compound feed industry and represents and promotes the views of our industry to the European institutions, international bodies and all other policy stakeholders. IGFA staff and members contribute constantly to the political and technical work of FEFAC through their involvement in the Council and specialist committees.